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    156-677-124-442-2887 [email protected] 184 Street Victoria 8007

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any issues please use the contact form provided or email [email protected]

    How can I get more exact measurements on a dress I wish to hire?

    Please e-mail  [email protected]. You will receive a reply with 48 hours.

    What if I decide I don't want to wear the dress?

    You may return a rented product and obtain a credit to hire another dress. If you do not wish to wear it, you must deposit the box for return at your local drop off point within 24 hours of receiving the box. Most drop off points are open 7 days a week.Please email if this is not the case.

    What if I can't return the dress in the rental period?

    If the dress is not returned by the customer in this timescale Dooney Dress Hire Dress reserves the right to charge an extra rental fee for the dress.

    When will I receive my deposit back?

    The deposit for each dress hire which will be refunded within 3 days of Dooney Dress Hire receiving the dress back in a cleanable, wearable condition. PLEASE DO NOT CLEAN THE DRESS YOURSELF


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